• Does it Hurt?

    Compared to what is what you should ask!

    Hair removal- So much more painless than waxing!

    Tattoo removal- If you can stand it going on, than taking it off is a breeze!

    Before the procedure emla [a topical anaesthetic cream] can be put on to the area. It will numb the skin, as to decrease the sensation felt. During the procedure a koolio system shoots out freezing cold air as to cool the treated region, and it feels amazing, it is so soothing. Ice packs can also be used as another cooling agent and proves to be a great pain reliever.

    There is discomfort involved at times for some procedures, but for other procedures such as nightlase, nail treatments, psoriasis, some hair removal and some facial treatments there is no discomfort what so ever.

    Much of the discomfort felt is from the heat from the laser, so it will feel like hot pins at worst. For hair removal, people assimilate it to the flicking of a rubber band.

    Please if you do not like discomfort talk to the laser technician, and you can work through it together- You will probably be really surprised about your actual level of comfort!

  • Is Laser treatment Dangerous?

    In the hands of the wrong people lasers can be dangerous and can leave scarring on people. At Delete Medical Laser Treatment we have gone through extensive Laser training to open our practice. We have continual education and practical standards we have to pass to operate. Fotona, the company where our machines are from, provide us with in depth training which is patented. Often we will have a fotona trainer with us to teach us the new innovative and up to date techniques that are being developed in Germany, and to ensure our practice is elite and at its optimum.

    Fotona have never had a law suit against them. This is because of their superior lasers, that are so accurate, down to the last nanometer. The beam of light it directs out is so uniform and precise that removes any margin for error.

  • What do i need to know prior to my visit?
    • You must avoid sun exposure for 2 to 3 weeks prior to your treatment 
    • You will require a Skin test to assess your reaction to Laser treatment before full treatment 
    • Certain medications are not compatible with Laser therapy – please ask our receptionist on booking. 
    • You may require medical assessment of some conditions prior to treatment - for example – Fungal nail infection, skin lesions & psoriasis.
  • What is your education?
    We have all studied Laser practice through the world renowned ‘Fleming Institue of aesthetic technology’. The four laser consulatants working in delete have medical backgrounds. Two doctors, and two nurses. All four whom have an indepth understanding of not only laser science, but extensive knowledge on your health, medical issues, medications and your wellbeing. Our education Is, and will be extensive and continuing through Fotona. We will be having 1:1 training and skills update frequently, and attending courses and seminars abroad to ensure the advances in laser treatments are brought to the border.
  • Why should I have my Skin Rejuvenation at Delete Medical Laser Treatment?

    We are able to offer the most advanced, cutting edged technology in skin rejuvenation with Fotona's Newest Lasers.

    We have 3 different laser machines from Fotona, which means we are able to select and individualise the right treatment for you

    All of our treatments are overseen by Our Doctors Dr Rick Martin and Dr Else De Wit, and performed by Registered Nurse Alex Pike and Anaesthetic Technician Darren Sampson.

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